Hannspree is mainly known for its good value flatscreen monitors and the odd netbook. However, it has a long tradition of coming up with unusual disguises for its TVs and computer screens so they don't look too out of place in a bedroom or other home setting.

Its latest idea, a collection of digital photo frames with an animal theme, continues this individual approach. As you can see, the Hannsanimal idea embeds a digital photo frame in a series of aninals. So far, there are polar bear, panda, giraffe and elephant versions.

The digital photo frame embedded in the belly of each Hannsanimal is a 8in widescreen display with a resolution of 800x400 pixels. The photo frames are designed to appeal to children and wildlife fans.

Measuring 499x317x285mm, the digital photo frames have backlit LED displays and a sensor to reorientate images from landscape to portrait if required.

The photo frames come with 64GB of built-in flash memory and can accept almost any removable media card type - it embedded card reader recognises the most common six types. The Hannsanimal display also has a pair of 1 Watt speakers so MP3 music files can be listened to using the unusual gadget.

The £99 Hannsanimals can also be used as an alarm clock and calendar. As well as static photos, they can be set to show a slideshow of photos.

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