A mouse is no longer simply a way of helping you scroll up, down and sideways to navigate lengthy word documents, it seems.

Cyber Sport, an Australian maker of PC gaming peripherals, has come up with a wireless mouse that can wirelessly spin around your desk and simulate almost any sort of action. It can jog, zoom, spin, rotate objects around an axis in apparent 3D.

The Orbita Mouse is described by its designers as a "freestyle" mouse that can be used for industrial simulation and to add an extra dimension to navigating images, games and 3D objects.

Cyber Sport chief Daniel Voros says the Orbita is part of a growing trend for virtual media and environments. It can be used in 3D applications such as Google Earth as well as in immersive games environments and for animation.

The AUS $98.50 Orbita Mouse is expected to go onsale from January. For more details see orbitamouse.com.

Cyber Sport Orbita 3D mouse