Corsair is upping the ante in the flash memory stick stakes with the launch of a 64GB Flash Voyager drive. The 64GB flash memory drive comes with a 10-year guarantee and costs $249.

The Corsair 64GB Flash Voyager USB thumb drive is bootable, which means a PC or laptop can be run from it. It is capacious enough to store an operating system as well as a number of computer applications, which means the drive can be used as a portable office with user settings and preferences stored on it.

Corsair cites advantages of the high-capacity flash memory drive over a portable hard drive including its ruggedness and durability and the fact that flash memory is less susceptible to the elements that a hard disk drive. With no moving parts to become clogged up or damaged, flash memory doesn't need to be kept dry, not is it an issue if the drive is dropped.

Corsair 64GB Flash Voyager USB drive