Cool-er electronic book reader Cool-er describes its electronic book reader as the "iPod of e-readers". With colours that are highly reminiscent of the Apple iPod nano range of music players, we can see where they're coming from.

The Cool-er e-Book reader sports a 6in display and is primed with 1GB of onboard memory, which should be enough for up to 800 books.

Additional storage capacity can be added by slotting in an SD Card - a handy way to port photos and music the plastic-clad device. Jpeg, PDF, HTML, MP3, .txt and epub (eBook) files can all be recognised. Cards up to 4GB are accepted.

The Cool-er eBook reader is onsale in all its Technicolor garishness for £199 from Firebox. It will compete directly with the Sony Reader and the Amazon Kindle eBook readers.

Cool-er electronic book reader

Cool-er eBook reader array