Compro Technology has launched the VideoMate Vista E850F – a PCI card that be slotted inside a PC to enable it to pick up, play and record digital and analogue TV channels.

The VideoMate Vista E850F TV tuner card is able to pick up FM radio stations as well as free-to-air digital TV broadcasts that you could otherwise enjoy via a Freeview settop box or on a PC with a built-in Freeview tuner. The Compro card can record TV programmes to Mpeg1, Mpeg2 and Mpeg4 video and is able to show a programme as you record it. An EPG (electronic programme guide) provides TV listings and programme synposes, subtitles and Teletext pages.

The VideoMate Vista E850F comes bundled with a remote control that can access Windows Media Center, as well as ComproDTV 4 software which allows the brightness/ saturation/ contrast/hue/sharpness for each TV channel to be adjusted.

Viewing TV on a PC or laptop is enjoying a resurgence of popularity thanks to the highly successful introduction of catch-up TV from the likes of the BBC and ITV which enable users to stream or download their favourite TV programmes.

For more details of the Compro VideoMate Vista E850F TV tuner card click here.

Compro VideoMate Vista E850F TV tuner card

Compro VideoMate Vista E850F TV tuner card