Compro has announced a further card in its internal TV tuner range. The VideoMate Vista E650F PCIe TV is a combined DVB-T digital and analog TV tuner that also allows you to tune in to FM radio.

The PCI card, available through Compro, comes with a Microsoft-certified remote control and works with 32bit and 64bit Windows Vista computers. A dedicated ComproDTV4 interface that allows users to access TV schedules and recorded programmes. An EPG (electronic programme guide), subtitles an teletext are included.

The Compro software integrates with and acts as an adjunct to the Windows Media Center software on a Vista PC, so TV recordings can be scheduled and accessed from the familiar WMC menus. Programmes are recorded as Mpeg2 video, though Mpeg4 is also supported via a separate plug-in.

The TV tuner card supports high-definition 1,080i TV programming, so it's possible to record HD broadcasts and store them on your PC hard drive for later viewing.

As well as being able to schedule recordings for when the PC is in use, the Compro software that comes with the E650F tuner enables the computer to be roused from a sleep or hibernation state so that recording can take place. Unusually, more than one Compro tuner can be used in the same PC, so a PCIe card could be fitted internally and a second, USB tuner attached externally. This would allow the user to record one show while watching the live broadcast of another.

VideoMate Vista E650F PCIe TV is bundled with Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 SE for DVD authoring.

Compro VideoMate Vista E650F HD TV tuner