Buffalo is launching a £284 combined Blu-ray and HD DVD drive called the BRHC-6316U2. The external drive will write dual-layer Blu-ray discs at 6x and be able to read HD DVD discs at up to 3x.

Available from late April, the Buffalo BRHC-6316U2 will also function as a standard DVD writer capable of write speeds of 16x. It is aimed at consumers with an interest in high-definition video content as well as those with considerable backup requirements. A dual-layer Blu-ray disc is able to store 50GB of high-definition or standard definition video but can also be used for general data storage.

Security for all these gigabytes of data stored on the external drive is provided by Buffalo in the form of Secure Lock Ware for Windows. Nero 8 DVD burning software is included as part of the package.

Dabs.com, Misco, Play.com and Amazon.co.uk are all listed as suppliers for when the £284 external drive goes onsale in late April.

Last month, PLDS announced a similar external HD drive that also writes and reads Blu-ray drives and is able to read HD-DVD discs.

Buffalo BRHC-6312U2 Blu-ray and HD DVD external drive

Buffalo BRHC-6312U2 Blu-ray and HD DVD external drive