Buffalo has launched what it claims is the first 8x internal Blu-ray drive. The Buffalo BR-816FBS costs £199 and can be fitted in a spare 3.5in hard drive bay in a PC or substituted for an existing CD or DVD writer.

As well as being used to play high-definition film and TV content, having a Blu-ray drive in your PC can significantly boost the amount of data you can back up at once.

Dual-layer Blu-ray discs can record up to 50GB of data on a single disc, while single platter media can record 25GB per disc.

Buffalo's BR-816FBS internal drive is able to write all this data at 8x and can write DVDs at 16x and CDs at 48x. Buffalo includes CyberLink disc authoring software with the drive. This, says Buffalo, offers a "smart non-linear stretching feature" intended to enhance colours, lighting and effects to ensure regular DVDs can be experienced at optimal quality.

Available from Dabs.com and eBuyer, the Buffalo BR-816FBS drive will be available later this month priced at £199.99.

Buffalo BR-816FBS 8x internal Blu-ray drive