Benq has announced the imminent launch of its asymmetric V200W 24in widescreen LCD monitor. Retailing for around €449 including VAT, the Benq V2400W screen has a response time of 2 milliseconds and is aimed at home users who want the best possible home viewing experience.

A DVI (digital visual interconnect) and D-Sub ports offer both digital and analog connections while high-definition is catered for via an HDMI port. The means home users will be able to hook up the Benq V2400W to a Blu-ray player such as the Sony Playstation 3 as well as to an Xbox 360 or their HD laptop.

Benq describes the V2400W as “highly suitable as a second monitor for connecting games consoles, hard disk recorders or notebooks to allow a larger image and working area for stationary work”.

The asymmetric design – in which the controls are on the lower lefthand side of the monitor cabinet and the supporting stand is positioned right of centre – are intended to make the Benq display an eye-catching and attractive part of a home entertainment setup. At its thickest point, the V2400W is just 6mm thick.

Onsale from the end of April, Benq expects the 24in V2400W screen to sell for around €449 (£359).

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Benq V2400W 24in widescreen monitor

Benq V2400W 24in widescreen monitor