BenQ has unveiled the V2400 Eco and V2200 Eco - two new widescreen LED displays.

The 24in V2400 and 21.5in V200 are both high-definition displays that, BenQ says, use 36 percent less power than traditional flat-panel displays. The displays have an Eco Mode, which uses 30 percent less energy than when they are running in standard mode.

The V2400 and V200 have zero light leakage, a dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 and Senseye 3 Human Vision Technology, which BenQ says further enhances image richness, clarity and depth. 

The slimline white screens feature an off-centre stand that has a holder built-in to the base of the display, which BenQ says is ideal for nick-nacks, business cards or even a small plant.

"Not only does it [the new displays] cut down on power consumption making it a far greener product and less damaging to the environment, it does not disappoint the visual viewing experience for the consumer with greater definition in the black and increase clarity compared to an LCD," said Royce Lye, UK product and marketing manager at BenQ.

The V2200 Eco costs £169 while the V2400 Eco is priced at £199. Both displays will be available from Dabs at the end of the month. 

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