Computer fan maker Antec has launched a cooling device specifically for users of high-performance laptops. The £48 Antec Notebook Cooler 200 can be used with any notebook computer that has a fan built into its underside.

The Notebook Cooler is a slim 4.2in deep unit that can be sat on the user's lap and has a 200mm Antec Big Boy cooler at its heart. This can run at one of two speed settings, 400 or 600rpm, depending on the amount of cooling required. The cooler runs from a spare USB port on the laptop.

Antec says it has come up with this successor to its Notebook To Go cooler product in response to the more powerful but also more power-hungry laptops of today that provide high-performance gaming and graphics but that consequently generate huge amounts of heat.

One of the main issues when designing laptops is how to keep them sufficiently cool and prevent them overheating or performance dropping. The small chassis of the latest laptops are jam-packed with tiny but very powerful components with no air to pass around them and keep them cool. Because of this, active cooling devices can make a big difference.

Not only that, but having a hot laptop sat on your lap for prolonged periods can be mighty uncomfortable.

"With the increasing power, performance and functionality of today's laptops, more and more gamers choose a notebook as their primary gaming platform," said Scott Richards, senior vice-president at Antec. "However, many systems can't provide the right amount of cooling when running at a high load."

Richards went on to describe the new device as "the most powerful, efficient and user-friendly solution available on the market for gamers."

The Antec Notebook Cooler 200 is available now and costs £48.50. For full details, see

Antec Notebook Cooler 200