Okay, so it's not going to work that well given the current state of the British weather, but on days when it is warm enough to head out and about with your laptop clad in nothing warmer than a t-shirt, this clever item of clothing could quickly earn its keep.

As its name suggests, the Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt sniffs out available wireless networks within range. It gives a straightforward, visual indication when you pass a suitable spot where you will be able to log on and start downloading to your heart’s content.

Whenever you’re in range of a wireless hotspot the bars that adorn the front of the t-shirt glow according to the signal strength and whether the connection is b or g.

Costing just £20, the Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt is set to go onsale at www.firebox.com from the end of January.

Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt

The Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt does exactly what it says