Devolo dLAN 650 triple+ Powerline adapters 600Mps

Devolo has launched Powerline adapters that include patent-pending coupling technology that it claims will provide better bandwidth and stability than competitor products.

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Devolo’s 600Mbps Powerline adapter range features the dLAN 650+ and the dLAN 650 triple+. Now read our Devolo 650 Powerline reviews.

Both gigabit Ethernet adapters include the company’s exclusive range+ technology.

The company claims that for the first time these Powerline adapters use all three physical lines of the mains circuit for data transmission. The patent relates to coupling the signal onto the earth wire and determines which two of the three lines will provide the best data transmission rate.

Devolo focused on considerably increasing the operational range, as well as maximizing data transmission speeds. The company says that users can expect a 30 percent to 50 percent increase in bandwidth, and that the 300m range will allow rooms furthest from the router in the home to benefit from the full bandwidth of the internet connection.

"It is important to us that dLAN Powerline provides peak performance over long distances,” said Heiko Harbers, CEO of Devolo AG.

“We wanted to use range+ to make cutting-edge broadband Internet services, such as the newest IPTV products with 4K and 3D content, accessible in the highest quality in any room."

Devolo dLAN 650 triple+ Powerline adapters

The first dLAN 650 adapters available in the UK will be the 650+ and 650 triple+. Both adapters have a new sleek design and an integrated electrical socket. Both also feature an integrated mains filter that further optimises data transmission by eliminating interference on the network.

The dLAN 650+ and 650 triple+ both benefit from gigabit Ethernet ports, with the 650+ having one port, and the 650 triple+ equipped with three gigabit ports to connect multiple devices, such as smart TV’s and internet enabled gaming consoles.

Gigabit Ethernet ports don’t limit transmission rates, allowing communication at up to 600Mbps for the first time. The Ethernet ports are also placed on top of the adapters to enhance usability.

The hardware uses the newest generation of Powerline chips available, which is not only optimised for transmission capacity, but is the most energy efficient technology available.

In operation the dLAN 650+ consumes only 3.9 watts during operation, while the dLAN 650 triple+ uses only 4.4 watts.

When connected network devices are switched off, both adapters automatically go into standby mode and use only 0.7 watts. This energy-saving chip also aids the adapters’ slim design, as the little heat generated has allowed for the cooling slits to be removed.

The dLAN 650+ starter kits are priced at £109.99, with single adapters available at £59.99.

650 triple+ starter kits are available for £119.99 and single adapters cost £69.99.

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