The Vodafone Emporia RL1 is a mobile phone that eschews fancy features in favour of large, easy to press keys and basic phone functions. In fact, it's ideal for the smartphone refusenik. 

Smartphones are very clever, but they are also expensive and overly complex. If you’re the sort of person who prefers a no-nonsense approach to staying in touch, you’ll probably prefer a mobile phone that does what it says on the tin and has straightforward buttons that don’t double up as emoticons or invoke other flash functions.

The ‘back to basics’ Vodafone Emporia RL1 is not the only no frills phone out there, but it sports above average looks, has its own charging dock (so you’ve no excuse not to have your mobile charged or hidden away in a forgotten bag) and has a perfectly readable 1.8in OLED display. Up to 100 contact names and numbers can be stored on the phone’s memory. 

At £60 on a pay as you go basis, or £25-ish with unlimited text messaging and 600 minutes of calls on a Vodafone contract, it's a lot cheaper than a smartphone too.