Sony Ericsson has announced the G705 - a 3G mobile phone complete with Wi-Fi connectivity to offer high-speed web browsing.

The slim slider Sony Ericsson G705, which measures 95x47x14mm and comes in glossy black or gold finish, features a 2.4in screen with automatic rotation capabilities, ensuring that if users tilt the phone the orientation of the web page is automatically changed.

Users will also benefit from built-in GPS, which can be used with Google Maps and Wayfinder software (both bundled with the phone), for turn-by-turn navigation. The 3.2Mp camera also features a video capture functionality and the ability to directly upload videos from the phone direct to Google's YouTube as well as PictBridge and basic photo editing capability.

The phone also offer a built-in music player complete with TrackID that identifies the name and artist of a track and access to Sony Ericsson's PlayNow service to download paid-for music tracks, mobile games and wallpapers to the handset, as well as an FM radio.

The integral 120MB memory can be expanded with a memory stick up to 1GB and the phone also features Bluetooth connectivity and a Google shortcut key.

Sony Ericsson is also launching the G705u, a handset that allows Orange broadband subscribers to seamlessly roam between the mobile network and local area networks. It automatically detects if a user has returned to their area covered by their Orange broadband subscription and switches to WiFi connectivity. When the device is removed from the home network area, the handset then automatically transfers back to the mobile network.

The G705 and G705u, which is exclusive to Orange, will be available from quarter four of 2008. No prices have been announced.


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