Scosche has unveiled the SolCHAT - a Bluetooth speakerphone designed to be used with mobile phones to make it safer to chat while driving.

Measuring 90x62x15mm, the SolCHAT is solar powered and can hold the charge in the device's litium ion battery for up to one year, ensuring its always ready-to-use.

Sosche says it can be comfortably positioned on a windscreen or sun visor for easy operation and solar charging, using the included windshield suction cup mount or sun visor clip.

The speaker also comes with a USB charging kit, that plugs into the device and uses a car's cigarette lighter to power the device.

The SolCHAT has three buttons that allow users to adjust the volume and answer and end a call.

The gadget supports voice-activated dialling, where a compatible handset is available, and transfers the contacts from the phone it is paired with to audibly alert users as to who is calling, so they don't have to take their eyes of the road.

Scosche spokesman Kas Alves said: "Motorists who use handheld mobile phones while driving can face a fixed penalty fine of £60 and three points added to their licence. The solCHAT solves this problem and helps users lower their impact on the environment at the same time".

The solCHAT is priced at £59.99 and is available from eoutlet.

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