Samsung is back with a new flagship Android smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is here to take on the heavyweights including Apple, HTC and Sony. See also: Group test: What's the best smartphone?

The firm has managed to squeeze a larger screen into a slightly smaller handset. It's an impressive feat of engineering and means the thin and light Galaxy S4 doesn't feel unwieldy in the hand. Take a look at Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 comparison review.

The device looks similar the Galaxy S3. It feels more solid than its predecessor, but we feel let down by the plastic build of the S4. We expect more from a premium smartphone and it's here that it can't compete with its aluminium and glass clad rivals.

A couple of caveats include the camera and sensors interrupting the design and the difficult to reach back button which gets pressed by mistake all too easily.

There's little to fault when it comes to hardware with a line-up to be reckoned with. The screen is undeniably stunning. 

Even without the UK model lacking octa-core processor, the Galaxy S4 set new records in two out of three of our benchmarks.

Even with outstanding benchmarks, we found the Galaxy S4 occasionally laggy when opening certain apps.

We were surprised to find that the Galaxy S4 offers considerably less storage than advertised. Our 16GB model has just over 9GB of space available which is a poor effort. A microSD card slot only goes a little way to redeeming the situation.

With hardware matching key rivals, Samsung hopes that its software feature will differentiate the S4 from the crowd. The firm has packed the device with its own apps and software tricks.

Features like Air View and Air Gesture which allow you to do things without touching the screen are pretty cool and will actually come in handy but only work with some apps. We also like the functionality of multi-window.

In contrast, we found the additions Smart Scroll and Smart Pause to be both buggy and gimmicky.

The S4 has two excellent cameras on-board. There are plenty of different modes, most of which are good but additions like dual camera just seem cheesy.

Samsung has fitted the Galaxy S4 with a large removable battery pack which holds its charge well. It lasted us a day of heavy testing but many users will be able to get couple days' worth with lighter usage.

The Galaxy S4 is a great phone with excellent hardware and performance, but it's not flawless. Its high price tag combined with disappointing build quality means it can't outdo its rivals. We give it four stars and our recommended award.