Sagem Pumaphone Sagem used to be known in the UK for its good value pay as you go phones, but it's stepping up a gear here by collaborating with sports brand Puma and making a mobile designed for the insatiably active.

Eschewing the app stores offered by Windows and Google Android, Sagem and Puma have instead decided to plough their own furrow and make everything you can add to their handset thematic. The basic handset is a quad-band 3G GPRS model with a 3.2Mp camera with flash and a web browser. It has a large Oled-bright 2.8in (240x320-pixel) touchscreen with orangey-red as its predominant colour. The phone itself is about the size and shape of the Palm Pre, but isn't a slider phone.

Built-in applications include a stopwatch, GPS, bike tracker, run tracker and pedometer, plus a direct link to well-known social media sites and the Puma World Portal microsite. Physical exertions can be accompanied by a soundtrack of your choosing: the onboard media player can draw on the Sagem phone's internal memory or insert a microSD or microSDHC card containing music, photos and video clips. The Pumaphone also has a sarcastic calculator - we're not sure whether this means it pops up sarcy comments should you not have given your all to that last hill-running session, but we find the idea sort of droll.

The most interesting aspect, however, is probably that the back of the Pumaphone is a solar panel, which will be ideal if you find yourself partway across the Sahara and need to send a mid-marathon text message or tweet. Sagem is realistic: rather than pretend you'll be able to fully charge your Pumaphone by this means, it instead proffers a screen displaying the number of sun-powered messages it has stored up.

Matching Puma accessories will be available once the handset launches next month. Registered handset owners will be able to buy them directly from the Puma World Portal without needing to enter their credit card details again.

Network operator information has yet to be announced, but the Sagem Pumaphone is set to go onsale in the UK, France and other European territories in April with a suggested retail price of €399.

Sagem Pumaphone

Sagem Pumaphone