Pocophone is a previously unheard of Xiaomi smartphone brand, but its first phone - the F1 - will launch in India next week. Why do we care? Because it's said to be the cheapest Snapdragon 845 phone on the market, bringing immense power at an affordable price. In fact, Xiaomi claims it will be "the fastest phone on the market".

Jai Mani writes on behalf of the Pocophone team: "POCO is all about making a powerful smartphone with the technologies that truly matter. Recently it feels like the pace of innovation in the smartphone industry has slowed down, while prices are creeping up with flagship smartphones now past the $1000 mark. We set out to build something to buck this trend. For the first product, we got back to basics and focus entirely on speed. Not just peak performance speed, but actual, real world, speed."

When is the Pocophone release date?

The Pocophone will launch on 22 August, according to Xiaomi's own teasers.

We suspected a launch was imminent when back in July a new Xiaomi phone known simply as 'Pocophone' appeared at the US FCC, Taiwan's NCC and the European ECC, and since then it has passed Bluetooth certification and popped up on AnTuTu (with a 285k score) as the Pocophone F1.

According to Slashleaks it will be available in mid-September in Europe, and the first week of October in India. 

How much will the Pocophone cost?

A now-removed listing on a Romanian store points to an RRP of RON 1,999 (£387/US$499). 

Pocophone specification rumours

The Bluetooth certification gives away a number of specs for the upcoming F1, including the fact it will run MIUI 10 on a 2.8GHz Snapdragon 845 processor with liquid cooling. It will also feature a 20Mp Super Pixel front camera, a 12Mp + 5Mp (1.4um) dual-camera at the rear, and support AI face unlock.

The design description in this document reads: "POCOPHONE F1 is a one-of-a-kind smartphone that sports a flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with liquid cooling system which help boasts extremely fast processing power at a sustained peak performance. It has a 12Mp + 5Mp dual camera setup with 1.4um large pixels and dual pixel autofocus on the main sensor. POCO F1 has a 20Mp front camera which supports Super Pixel - technology that combines the information of four pixels into one large pixel, which can reduce photo noise, capture more light and enhance photo quality, especially in low-light conditions. Paired with an infrared illuminator and an infrared camera, POCO F1 can be secured using AI face unlock, which works just as well in pitch-dark conditions as it does in bright daylight."

Other specifications we have gleaned from these documents include a minimum 64GB storage and 6GB of RAM (potentially up to 128GB and 8GB respectively), and a 76x151mm body. We also know the Pocophone measures 163mm on the diagonal, so assuming an 18:9 display we could see anything up to a 6.4in screen - it really depends on how slim are the bezels.

Now-removed listings on two Belarusian and Romanian stores are contradictory in their description of the display. The former points to a 6.18in full-HD+ display, while the latter suggests a 5.99in IPS panel. Both suggest there will be a notch, as we saw on the Mi 8, though they cannot agree on the aspect ratio.

Photos revealed by Slashleaks also give away the fact it has a 4000mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 support, and charges over USB-C. 

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