OnePlus 6 News, Release Date, Price, Specification, New Features & All The Latest Leaks

Launching May 16, the new OnePlus 6 will offer some serious hardware specs that enable it to take on the best of Android and iPhone, and at a lower price. Here's our round-up of all the facts, rumours and speculation on the OnePlus 6.


  • Release date: 16 May
  • Display: 19:9 with notch
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • Memory: Up to 8GB of RAM
  • Storage: Up to 256GB
  • Headphone jack: Present
  • Waterproofing: New
  • Glass back: New

OnePlus 6 Release Date: When is the OnePlus 6 coming out?

The OnePlus 6 will be announced on 16 May 2018. London is the stage for the global launch, which will see a 5pm BST announcement. You can buy tickets for the event if you want to be there.

This follows two 2017 launches of the OnePlus 5 on 20 June, and the OnePlus 5T on 16 November.

Expect to see a lot more in the way of teasers from the company over the next few weeks ahead of launch. The most recent promises "More immersion in a refined form factor", and includes the image shown below.

OnePlus 6

It's clear from the picture that the new OnePlus phone is slightly taller and wider than its predecessor, the OnePlus 5T, and that the Alert Slider has swapped places with the SIM tray. This makes sense if, as has been also teased, it will now also be used to control camera focus.

OnePlus 6 Price: How much will the OnePlus 6 cost?

Both the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T had a £449 RRP for the entry-model, so we would expect more of the same in 2018 but potentially with a small price bump.

According to GizmoChina, a 64GB model will cost 3,299 Yuan, a 128GB model will cost 3,799 Yuan, and a 256GB model will cost 4,399 Yuan. Don't expect a straight conversion in pricing (we'll likely pay more), but if it were that would put pricing at around £373/£429/£497, US$524/$604/$699, 428€/493€/570€.

At least in the US, the OnePlus 6 should prove a lot easier to get hold of than previous OnePlus handsets with the company in talks with major US networks. In the UK we expect to see O2 once again offer the new OnePlus phone on contracts.

OnePlus 6 Specifications

In its teasing of the upcoming smartphone, OnePlus has confirmed a few of its specifications. We know, for example, that the phone will run the Snapdragon 845 processor with up to 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB storage. We also know it will retain the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The company has also alluded to the fact it will be waterproof, asking Twitter fans: "Don’t you just hate it when you have to stop using your phone when it rains? So do we."

We also know that the 19:9 full-screen display will include a 19.62x7.69mm notch, though following the OP6's launch OnePlus will deliver a software update that allows you to hide the notch within a black bar.

OnePlus boss Carl Pei thinks the notch is a great thing for usability, telling The Verge that “What you are essentially doing is moving the entire notification bar up, giving users more content on their screen.” However, he has since acknowledged that fans are not as keen.

OnePlus 6 notch

The new OnePlus 6 also has a glass back, to which the company has applied five layers of nanotech coating for a stronger feeling of depth. 

We would not be at all surprised to find the OnePlus 6 is a lot like the Oppo R15 that was announced a couple of months back, and it is certainly tipped to match that phone's 6.28in Full-HD+ (2280x1080) AMOLED screen and 3450mAh battery.

The Oppo R15 looks a lot like the iPhone X, as do many of the leaked images of the OnePlus 6 we've seen so far (jump straight to OnePlus 6 images). In common with the iPhone X it is tipped to arrive with Face ID, a biometric authentication facial recognition feature that replaces the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

'Borderless' displays are becoming more common in smartphones, but devoting almost the entire front surface of the phone leaves the annoying issue of where do you put the fingerprint scanner.

For those who don't want to stick it on the rear there's now the option to embed it in the display, or to use an iris scanner. The OnePlus 6 is tipped to feature both alternatives.

The OnePlus 5T already supports face-recognition, but it's not secure enough to be used with mobile payments. Android Marvel reports that OnePlus will boost its existing tech to rival Face ID, enabled with the use of a front-facing infrared 3D camera module that works even in the dark.

A recently listed spec sheet points to good things to come, with a 20Mp + 16Mp (f1.7) dual-camera and 20Mp (f2.0) selfie camera. Some photos captured by that camera have been shared by the company and can be seen below. (If you cannot scroll through the images you may need to turn off your ad blocker first.)

OnePlus 6 Camera Samples

OnePlus 6 photos & renders

We've seen our first look at the OnePlus 6 full frontal, provided this image that surfaced on Weibo is legit:

OnePlus 6 Full Frontal

A further image of the phone comes from case maker Olixar, courtesy of Mobile Fun. Note the fingerprint sensor and camera positions on the rear and the small chin of the phone, as well as the red alert slider that's moved to the right edge rather than the left. The phone appears to have a glass back too:

While we won't get our way with the infamous notch, OnePlus has at least not added insult to injury by taking away the headphone jack too - it's clearly visible in this photo leaked by @evleaks:

OnePlus 6 headphone jack

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