Four versions of the Note 10, codenamed Da Vinci, are expected to land this August, two with 5G and one with a brand-new name: Note 10 Pro. The largest of the four, tipped to feature a 6.75in Quad-HD+ display and quad-lens rear camera with 5x optical zoom, it will tower over the 6.28in-screen, triple-lens camera standard Note 10. The Unpacked event is tipped to be held on 7 August.

We've summarised all the best Note 10 rumours below for you to peruse, but some key takeaways include the possibility of a buttonless, headphone jack-less, heart-rate sensor-less body with an enhanced quad-lens camera, faster processor, new 19:9 Infinity-O panel with in-display fingerprint sensor and a OneUI interface. S Pen, too, could see an upgrade, potentially building in its own camera.

Price-wise, Note 10 is tipped to retail at between $1100 and $1200, though this is of little use without clarification of which model it concerns.


The picture below is a concept image of what Note 10 might look like, produced by PhoneArena and based entirely on rumours. It shows the S10 Plus' elongated punch-hole cutout for twin selfie cameras, and at the rear the quad-lens camera of the Galaxy S10 5G.

The illustration of that punch-hole camera might not be exactly accurate, reports Tech Radar. Samsung intends to gradually reduce the size of the cutout so it's practically invisible, and eventually ditch it all together in favour of an under-display camera, while the sound is emitted via the display itself. The full-body display could still be a couple of years away, however, notes Samsung R&D VP, Yang Byung-duk.

Note 10 concept

In common with the new Galaxy S10, the site has depicted it in new colour options Canary Yellow and Prism Green.

Some of the renders we've seen since favour a vertical camera alignment on the rear, and a single central selfie camera at the front. And the Note 10 Pro renders - such as that at the top of this page, produced by @OnLeaks and @PriceBaba - looks really quite different.

A more recent Note 10 concept from @OnLeaks is shown in the video below, here collaborating with @91Mobiles.

ETNews was first to report that Note 10 will offer a completely buttonless experience, though the pads that replace the existing hardware buttons will likely be found in the same places. It seems a bit pie in the sky and potentially a bit futuristic for the 2019 update to the Note family, but Note 10 will not be the first smartphone to achieve this, with the still-in-development Meizu Zero working toward a completely buttonless design. We recently reviewed the Red Magic Mars that also uses capacitive pads, here to enhance gameplay.

A harder pill to swallow is the theory that Note 10 may also lack a headphone jack.


The S-series design has seen some interesting updates in 2019, with more screen estate than ever thanks to slimmer bezels, a taller 19:9 aspect ratio, and larger Infinity-O panels that use Dynamic AMOLED tech. With the Galaxy S10 Plus now up to 6.4in we can see the Note 10 moving up to mirror the 5G version at 6.7in, and we expect with even slimmer bezels for a truly edge-to-edge experience with an 8% greater surface area. Indeed, the largest Note 10 is thought to feature a 6.75in panel, though early rumours point to 'just' a 6.28in screen for the standard model.

We're expecting to see versions of Note 10 with both 6.28- and 6.75in Quad-HD+ displays.

Information from Mobielkopen suggests those screens will take the form of Infinity-O panels after the HTML5test benchmark gave away the larger model's 19:9 aspect ratio and 1440x3040-pixel resolution.

Also new in Galaxy S10 is an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor, and we're pretty sure we'll see that in Note 10, too.

Core specifications

Traditionally a larger-screened version of the Galaxy S series with a higher-capacity battery, S Pen stylus and various improvements to the likes of the camera, Galaxy Note 10 will get the faster Exynos 9825/Snapdragon 855 processor and up to 1TB of storage and 12GB of RAM.

The Exynos 9825 is a faster version of the 9820 used by Galaxy S10, and is rumoured to be Samsung's first 7nm chip with support for 5G.

The Snapdragon 855 variant with 12GB of RAM has already popped up on Geekbench, with that version of the Note 10 recording a multi-core score of 10,840 points. The Exynos 9825 version with 8GB RAM recorded 9654 points. 

Although previously rumoured that Note 10 would support 45W wired charging, it's now thought to max out at 25W. To be fair, that's still pretty fast, and an improvement on last year's 15W.

Note 10 will also run the same enhanced software setup as Galaxy S10, with the new and simplified One UI interface applied over Android 9 Pie.


There's talk of the Note 10 being the first smartphone to feature a 100Mp camera, though it's likely all talk. Qualcomm's chipsets have been capable of supporting 192Mp cameras since 2018 with the Snapdragon 845, but the highest we've seen so far is 'just' 48Mp. In late 2019 Qualcomm says we'll see phone cameras hitting 64- and even 100Mp, according to MySmartPrice.

So why should Samsung be first to launch such a device? In truth, there is no reason to assume it will be Samsung, and it could as easily be Huawei or Honor, which have recently been experimenting with high-megapixel lenses. But that's to forget that in 2018 Samsung developed its own image sensors capable of shooting 48Mp and 32Mp stills, and it makes sense that in 2019 it will want to build on this accomplishment.

More likely in our minds is that Galaxy Note 10 will follow the S10 5G with a quad-lens rear camera assembly, though it may not be the same specification. Indeed, Sammobile has already confirmed Note 10 will get a quad-lens camera. We bet it will get the second selfie camera at the front, too, with S10 Plus now specifying a 10Mp + 8Mp duo.

Samsung is also confirmed to have produced a camera with 5x optical zoom, which could well get a look-in in Note 10. Remarkably, it's actually smaller than the 6mm 2x zoom camera used in existing Samsung phones, measuring just 5mm thick.

Note 10 camera schematic

A leaked schematic for the Note 10's primary camera has been published by PhoneArena and is shown above. Though it gives away little information about the camera itself it does reveal one missing feature: the heart-rate sensor. 

It's rumoured that Note 10 will feature a single-lens camera at the front, but it's unclear whether some versions will have twin selfie cameras. There are versions of renders (not the real deal) floating around on the web that support both theories (via @BenGeskin), as shown below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 front camera - one or two?

Redesigned S Pen stylus with camera

One of the more out there rumours for the Note 10 is that Samsung will ditch the new Infinity-O panel and move the selfie camera to the S-Pen stylus. A concept video from DBS Designing illustrates this.

There is a patent that backs up the theory, and early concept designers have jumped at the suggestion.

Note 10 S Pen stylus

A new name?

More shocking is the idea it might not even be branded 'Note' at all, but we think that one is pretty out there.

When is the Galaxy Note 10 release date?

Samsung typically unveils its new Note-series flagship in August, a few weeks ahead of IFA. Expect a familiar pattern in 2019 with the Note 10 launching in early August.

CNET reports that, according to those familiar with Samsung's plans, that the event will take place on 7 August at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. This is where the Note 9 was unveiled.

How much will the Galaxy Note 10 cost?

Current pricing for the Galaxy Note 9 starts at £799 (buy here), though the phone launched at £899.

Following the price hike on the S10 series we'd expect to see something similar with Note 10 - and you should certainly expect to pay more for Note 10 Pro and Note 10 5G if that it indeed a third model.

Mobile Fun has had information through about the official Samsung cases for the Note 10 range which appears to reveal that the Pro model will be the one with 5G. It also suggests the firm will be sticking to fairly standard case designs such as LED and Clear View Covers.

If the 5G variant is separate, then cases for the 10 Pro will also fit the 5G model.

So far the only whispers on the web are that it is tipped to cost between $1100 and $1200, though this is of little use without clarification of which model it concerns.

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