If you love Windows Phone, you'll like the Nokia Lumia 900, and this exclusive Lumia 900 video review explains why. It's beautiful both inside and out, easy to use and undeniably fun.

But the camera and performance are so-so, and the problems with Windows Phone are bigger problems for the biggest Windows Phone we've seen. As with most Windows Phones, the Nokia Lumia 900's touchscreen feels super responsive, and you can zip around the OS with the faintest of swipes and taps.

Windows Phone looks good, too, and is to our mind the most visually attractive of the major mobile platforms. We really like the feel of the Lumia 900. Although the finish is plastic to the touch, the device feels solid and smooth in the hand. It's big but lightweight and designed in such a way that it feels slim, even at 11.5mm thick. Like the iPhone, you can neither swap out the battery or add in storage.

Windows is a great platform for social media users - which is pretty much everyone, these days. Once you've signed in to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, updates and photos appear all over the Lumia 900. Its kind of how Android is supposed to work, and it looks fantastic.

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