Nokia Lumia 625 four colours

The aim of the Lumia 625, according to Nokia, is to offer users a large screen and 4G connectivity for an attractive budget price.

"With a super-fast internet connection, there's a real demand for big, beautiful screens that help bring all the content to life – this is where the Nokia Lumia 625 arrives with a really competitive price to match." said Vinay Jayakumar, product manager at Nokia.

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The device has a similar look and feel to that of the Lumia 820, reviewed. It's plastic fantastic with brightly coloured changeable shells – great if you like that kind of thing but at least black and white are available if you don't want a glowing green, orange or yellow phone.

It's a nice touch, for a budget phone: not only is the case nicely rounded, so are the edges of the glass. It means the device feels nice in the hand and build quality is much higher than we would normally expect from a budget handset.

Although the Lumia 625 offers an increase in screen size, one of the main points Nokia is making about the device, the resolution remains the same compared to the Lumia 620.

Nokia Lumia 625

Since the resolution is still 480x800 but the screen size is 4.7in instead of 3.8in, the pixel density drops from 246ppi to 199ppi. It's a case of quantity over quality here, but you can at least use the display with gloves like other Lumias.

On a better note, Nokia isn't wrong when it says the Lumia 625 gives you 4G LTE connectivity on a budget. We can't argue with the low price of around £200.

For two hundred notes, the core specifications are pretty good with a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM. Like most Windows Phone 8 handsets, performance feels smooth around the OS in general but it can take a while for apps to load.

Nokia Lumia 625 rear camera

The Lumia 625 one-ups more expensive devices from Nokia in that it offers a microSD card slot. Although with only 8GB of internal storage, you could argue that it's an essential feature. Note that there's no NFC chip on offer here.

It's no surprise that there's no PureView branding either. Instead you get a 5Mp rear-facing camera with an LED flash and a VGA front snapper. There's also Nokia's Smart Camera app thanks to the Amber update which adds some good functionality such as a burst shooting mode. It also brings Bluetooth 4.0.

The Lumia 625 has a removable 2000mAh battery which is the same capacity as the Lumia 925, reviewed but we'll have to wait for our review sample to arrive to see how it performs. Watch out for the full review soon.