Lumia 1320

At a special event in Abu Dhabi, Nokia has launched its latest Lumia devices, including its first tablet, the Lumia 2520 running Windows RT 8.1. There’s also the flagship Lumia 1520 smartphone, but for those on a tighter budget, this is the 1320.

Essentially, it’s a cut-down version for those who want a big screen but don’t necessarily need the extra performance of the 1520.

Lumia 1320: specifications

Lumia 1320 screen


The 1320 is very similar to the 1520: it retains the familiar Lumia design with a plastic ‘mono-body’ in bright colours: yellow, orange, white and the more serene black. The rounded corners and lack of a camera bulge differentiate it from the 1520.

The 6in screen makes the most of the updated Windows Phone Start screen (you get an extra column of tiles), but the 1320 differs from the 1520 in resolution. Rather than the more expensive model’s full HD screen, the 1320 has a 720p resolution (1280x720), covered in the same Gorilla Glass 3.

It follows previous Lumias with its super sensitivity and works even if you’re wearing gloves.

Lumia 1320 software start screen Processor, RAM and storage

A dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU runs at 1.7GHz and is paired with 1GB of RAM. There’ s 8GB of internal storage, but you can add up to 64GB via a microSD card.


The 1320 will support both 3G and 4G LTE, has Bluetooth 4, 802.11n Wi-Fi and a microUSB charging support. Unlike the 1520, there’s no built-in Qi wireless charging.

Dimensions and weight

The Lumia 1320 measures 165x86x9.8mm and weighs 220g. That’s slightly thicker and heavier than the 1520, and it’s pretty weighty for a smartphone (but light for a tablet).

Lumia 1320 camera Cameras

Don’t expect to find the 1520’s 20Mp camera. Instead, the 1320 gets a disappointing 5Mp main camera with a single LED flash. It can take video at 1080p, however.

Round the front is a basic VGA webcam for Skype.

Lumia 1320: software

It might be cheaper but the 1320 gets Nokia’s new apps including Nokia Music and HERE Maps. Nokia Camera and Storyteller apps can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store.

Lumia 1320 software

Lumia 1320: UK price

As of yet, there’s no confirmed UK price. Nokia estimates the 1320 will cost $339 plus local taxes, which could translate to a SIM-free price of roughly £250.

Lumia 1320: UK release date

The first countries to get the 1320 will be China and Vietnam in “early 2014”. A European launch (including the UK) will happen later, so expect to see the 1320 in a spring or possibly summer.

Lumia 1320 hero