Navman is set to launch a super-slim satnav device that is designed to slip unobtrusively into a pocket or handbag. The Navman Spirit S100 will be just 1.3cm thick and will be onsale in the UK from November for £199.

In common with other personal satellite navigation devices in the S-Series range, Navman has given the S100 ClearView maps and a Local Search feature. Local Search works in a similar way to Yellow Pages listings in that it enables the owner to look up businesses and services in the area - a step on from the preinstalled and downloadable POIs (points of interest) found on most satnav devices.

Data for the Local Search service is provided through a partnership with Belgian business listings company Infobel. Navman says the S100 is the first GPS device to offer such a search facility for use in Europe.

The Navman Spirit S100 has a 4.3in GlideTouch touchscreen display, NavPix feature for taking a geo-tagging photos of locations you visit, and has a 'true' Pedestrian mode to encourage customers who might otherwise have chosen a smartphone-based mapping service to guide them through an unknown city to choose a separate PND (personal navigation device) instead.

If you come across a sight or location you particularly like, you can save it as a POI there and then - much like a Hansel and Gretel breadcrumb.

The Spirit S100 also comes with 3D views of well-known landmarks such as Big Ben to make it simpler for users to immediately get their bearings.

One further feature that is likely to catch the eye: the S100 has a Smart Economical Routing mode that calculates not just the fastest but the most fuel-efficient route for your journey.

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Navman Spirit S100 ultraslim satnav