Motorola Milestone Android smartphone Motorola has started selling its hotly-anticipated Motorola Droid Google Android 2.0 handset in the UK under the name Motorola Milestone.

Launched in the US just a few weeks ago and already snapped up by 800,000 punters, the Droid-by-a-new-name can be picked up from Expansys for £449 or £50 with an 18-month contract on T-Mobile. Expansys has put together the £30-a-month T-Mobile contract offer as none of the main mobile phone networks has announced they will offer the phone.

Motorola's first-generation Android phone, the Dext, has met with favourable reviews here and is available exclusively through Orange on a £30-per-month for 18 months deal.

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The Motorola Milestone (given a new name despite Motorola having licensed use of the term Droid from Star Wars maker Lucas Film), sports a 3.7in capacitive touchscreen display, slide-out qwerty keyboard and 1GB of onboard RAM. It has a relatively slow 533MHz ARM processor, but the Google Android mobile OS is not as demanding as some.

The Motorola Milestone comes with Google Maps and a built-in GPS module so can be used for navigation. It uses the Chrome web browser (another Google invention) and has a 5Mp camera with a 5x zoom. It can also record video at 24fps (frames per second).

Additional storage can be added via the Milestone's microSD card slot, which can accept cards of up to 8GB. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G and HSDPA connectivity are all offered.

Motorola has put together a Hollywood-style ad campaign for the Droid that pokes fun at the iPhone and trades on the 'otherness' of the Android's design.

Motorola Milestone Android smartphone

Motorola Milestone Android smartphone

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