We wouldn't usually expect to see a new V-series phone until much later in the year, but South Korea's ETNews reckons the V50 could be announced alongside the G8 ThinQ at this year's MWC tradeshow. That's less than a month away, with LG holding a press conference on 24 February.

Moreover, the site suggests the V50 could be LG's first 5G phone.

When is the LG V50 coming out?

LG tends to release is G series in the first half of the year and the V series in the second half but it has become less predictable recently. After claiming that it wouldn’t release phones willy-nilly, it then did just that with the G7, V30S, V35 and V40 all last year.

We would expect the V50 to land around October 2019, a year after the V40 launched, but wouldn't count out seeing a V45 in the interim with minor spec bumps before the big V50 redesign.

Of course, there are now rumours the next V-series phone could be unveiled at MWC 2019 - in February. ETNews says the LG V50 will go on sale in March in the US and Europe.

Seeing as LG trademarked the V50 name in October we are pretty sure it’s on the way. It also included V60, V70, V80 and V90!

How much will the LG V50 cost?

The LG V40 cost $900 at launch in the US, which is around £700 at the time of writing. This puts it at more than the iPhone XR and around the same price as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the US.

The V50 could well push into $1,000 territory. The tech inside will merit it, but like the V40 it’ll struggle to sell on shelves next to more popular desirable phones.

ETNews claims the V50 will cost between 1.3 and 1.5 million won, which roughly converts to between £889- and £1,026.

The LG V40 ThinQ

What new features will the LG V50 have?

The V40 upgraded from the V30 with a slimmer, taller design, a better OLED display and an extra rear camera. With no tongue in cheek, we can imagine LG chucking a fourth rear camera on the V50 particularly as HMD is about to launch a Nokia phone with five rear cameras

A report suggests LG is working on 16-camera array which we think is highly unlikely.  Companies register patents all the time and the likelihood of the V50 having a camera setup that looks like a terrifying tarantula is small. The report suggests a mirror on the phone below the cameras allows for selfies. We really don’t think this will happen.

We think it more likely that the V50 will try and eliminate the notch in the display by opting for a punch hole camera design like the Galaxy S10 will do. LG normally does this first on its G series phones (in this case the upcoming G8) but the V50 could well refine this if it happens.

Many manufacturers used 2018 to do the notch and now it looks like 2019 will try to get rid of it. Good old technology.

LG continues to include headphones on its G and V series and we really hope the V50 keeps it. LG phones have the best wired audio on any smartphone thanks to the high quality DAC onboard. LG might take it out to fit in a larger battery, though, and ETNews suggests we will see a 4,000mAh cell. That's alongside the Snapdragon 855 and a 6in QHD display, it says.

We are excited for the LG V50 on the strength of the G7 and V40 - despite those phones not being sold in huge numbers. If LG is destined to be a minor smartphone player at least it’s making great phones still.

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