Following the success of its iCade retro games arcade for iPad, ION has unveiled a portable retro gaming product known as the iCade Mobile. Rather than housing a 9.7in screen iPad, the iCade Mobile works with an iPod touch or iPhone.

ION reasons that while touchscreens are good for some tasks, there are other occasions when a ot gamer is apt to prefer the control of a tactile button. Another point in the gamepad’s favour is that it’s robust. The four-way navipad can and its four front-facing should buttons are designed to withstand the rigours of some serious button mashing.

The iCade Mobile takes the form of a cradle that can be used in either landscape or portrait mode. The iPod touch or iPhone is held securely within the device at all times but can be swiveled through 90 degrees to change the orientation.

The gamepad controls sync with the iOS device via Bluetooth, as on the iCade arcade console.

 ION also used CES to announce that the iCade retro arcade device now also works with the Pac-Man for iPad app. 

Pricing for the ION iCade Mobile, which was unveiled last week at CES in Las Vegas, is likely to be around $80, but a launch date has not yet been announced.