INQ Chat 3G Social Mobile handset INQ Mobile has come up with a brace of 3G handsets designed to keep you chattering and up to speed with the latest online gossip.

The INQ Chat 3G is the company's first handset with Qwerty keypad while the Mini 3G is an entry-level 'Social Mobile' available on prepay.

The INQ Chat 3G will have a 2.4in screen, 3.2Mp camera, integrated GPS module and the ability to accept memory cards up to 8GB.

The INQ Mini 3G, meanwhile, have a 2.2in display, a 2Mp camera - the same as on the latest BlackBerry Curve model. It will have 100MB of onboard memory, whereas the Chat 3G will have 120MB, but will also accept 8GB memory cards.

As with the original INQ1 handset launched late last year, the new handsets keep the user logged in to their favoured social networks so they never miss friends' posts or updates.

Facebook, instant messaging clients and Skype VOIP calling were all offered in the first INQ model. Twitter now joins the social throng.

"With the INQ Chat 3G, we've reinvented the Qwerty for consumers by creating a fantastic social mobile. With the INQ1, we were blown away by how much consumers were writing just using the standard 12 keys - 30 percent of them were regularly sending emails. So we know that a keypad will go down a storm.", said INQ CEO Frank Meehan.

The HSDPA handsets both support Hotmail and Gmail webmail and offer music library synchronisation with Apple iTunes and with Windows Media Player library.

INQ says the internet applications are embedded into its handsets rather than being simple bolt-ons. This, says the company, enables them to consolidate phone contacts across applications.

Both handsets will launch in the UK in Q4.

 INQ Mini 3G Social Mobile handset

 INQ Chat 3G Social Mobile handset