Now in its third generation, Google’s line of Pixel phones are some of the best you can buy. With slick design, clever software but above all incredible cameras, they are sought after devices - but they come at a price.

Google is preparing a more affordable way into the Pixel life by releasing the mid-range Pixel 3a line.Having already accidentally confirmed their existence on its own website, Google's site now teases that something big is coming on 7 May.

An accompanying video, shown at the top of this page, ties in the Pixel launch with upcoming Avengers Endgame, which hits cinemas on 26 April.

Here’s all the latest on the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL.

When is the Google Pixel 3a coming out?

It can’t be long until the Pixel 3a and 3a XL are announced for two reasons: the high-end Pixel 3 and 3 XL were announced in November 2018, and the latest 3a leaks have happened in April 2019.

That’s five months later, so to retain the ‘3’ branding before a Pixel 4 hits, the Pixel 3a is likely to be unveiled around May, mid-way through the flagship Pixel 3’s lifetime.

That's perfect timing for Google I/O 2019, which kicks off on 7 May - the very same date teased by Google for when something big is coming to its Pixel family.

How much will the Google Pixel 3a cost?

This is less clear. The Pixel 3 costs from £739 / $799 while the Pixel 3 XL goes for £869 / $899, so the Pixel 3a phones will surely have to retail firmly in the mid-range to differentiate themselves.

We are hoping the regular Pixel 3a will cost around £399 / $399, just over half the Pixel 3. But this could be wishful thinking, and the new phones could start at more than that given the usual Google hardware premium for its phones.

What features will the Google Pixel 3a have – or lose?

A strong rumour is that the Pixel 3a and 3a XL will retain the exact same incredible rear camera of the normal Pixel 3 line. This would be unusual in the smartphone market as mid-range phones never have the same quality features as their higher end counterparts.

Were Google to put the same amazing camera in the Pixel 3a but drive the price down by using a lesser screen, more plastic, and cheaper, less powerful internals it’d be great for customers who want a great camera in their pocket but can’t afford the normal Pixel.

As the below screengrab via 9to5Google shows, the official Google Store accidentally jumped the gun by displaying tabs for ‘Pixel 3a’ and a ‘Pixel 3a Case’, backing up the imminent arrival of the phones.

What are the Google Pixel 3a specs?

Just before the above leak 9to5Google also found specs for both the Pixel 3a and 3a XL via the Google Play Developer console. It confirms the codenames for both phones; the Pixel 3a is ‘Sargo’ and the Pixel 3a XL is ‘Bonito’:

This leak doesn’t confirm the processor in either phone but shows 4GB RAM (the same as the flagship Pixel 3), the sizes of the 1080p displays and, as expected Android 9 Pie.

It’s unclear if these recent leaks are, after all, indeed the hardware that leaked all the way back in November 2018 via Rozetked. This early leak showed a phone with familiar Pixel design, a headphone jack not seen on a Google phone since 2016’s Pixel and a spec test that suggested a Snapdragon 670 inside.

We’ll report on the release of the Pixel 3a when Google officially confirms its existence. Looks like that’ll be very soon.