CoPilot 8 Live for smartphones Satellite navigation software maker ALK has launched a new version of its CoPilot for smartphones app that works with Google Android handsets.

CoPilot 8 Live offers turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation and makes use of the 3G connectivity of the handset it's installed on to provide live updates and real-time traffic and can tell if you're moving too fast and warn you about exceeding the speed limit. Safety camera updates are provided free of charge.

Advanced guidance features for drivers help you select the right lane to make a turn and CoPilot's maps automatically adjust in scale depending on the speed you're driving, with very localised road layouts if you're crawling through town and an overview of upcoming junctions and intersections if you're speeding along a motorway. A ClearTurn feature helps makes negotiating turns simpler by emulating onscreen the details shown in roadsigns.

Destination information can be entered manually or using the phone and software's voice-recognition functions. Text messages and emails containing coordinates or directions can also be used to specify a destination and it's also possible to navigate to the location of a photograph.

Separate modes for pedestrians and cyclists are offered including routing along footpaths for walkers.

Intriguing additions to a standard satnav setup include live weather updates for your destination and the ability to see your friends' whereabouts so you can successfully manage to meet up with them.

3D landmarks can be displayed on the phone, as can details of the nearest petrol stations and a comparison of their prices. Additional maps can be bought over the air using a feature new to CoPilot 8 Live, CoPilot on Demand.

Versions of the CoPilot for smartphones app are now available for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, Google Android handsets and Windows Mobile Phone devices. CoPilot 8 Live for smartphones costs £25.99 for unlimited use. iPhone users can acquire a copy from the iPhone App Store.

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CoPilot 8 Live for smartphones