Orange and T-Mobile customers in the UK that suffer with poor 3G signal might need to consider investing in the Cel-Fi RS2 signal booster, although it comes with a hefty price tag of £449.

The signal booster kit comprises a Window Unit which should be placed in the area of your home that has the strongest signal, while the Coverage Unit should be place on the other side of your house. According to Nextivity, which manufactures Cel-Fi mobile signal boosters, the Window Unit will amplify your signal and the coverage unit will distribute the amplified signal throughout your home, ensuring call dropping becomes less frequent. Both devices, which can be used in areas up to 13,000 square feet, are powered by the IntelliBoost Baseband Processor II and are plugged into a wall socket.

"With smartphones taking over as the single device that incorporates calls, email, text, games and surfing the net, we are increasingly reliant on these devices in our day to day lives," said Gareth Limpenny, MD of Cel-Fi's distributor, Frequency Telecom.

"The outstanding 3G signal provided by the Cel-Fi RS2 eliminates that 'signal struggle' often experienced in black spots, so there'll be less hanging out of the window or walking round the garden to try and make a call."

The Window unit measures 207x144x144mm and weighs 0.9kg while the smaller coverage unit is 151x149x49mm and weighs 0.43Kg.

The Cel-Fi RS2 is priced at £449.99 and available now.