Acer has announced the new Liquid X2 as its flagship smartphone for 2015. The phone has a much more premium design and stand out features like a large battery and tri-SIM support. Here's what we know about the Acer Liquid X2 release date, price and specs. See also: Best smartphones 2015.

There's a lot of competition in the smartphone market but Acer isn't giving up, announcing the new Liquid X2 at its global launch event in New York where it also announced a trio of new Liquid Leap wearablePredator gaming range machines and new Windows devices like the Aspire Switch 10 E, Iconia One 8 and Aspire R11.

Acer Liquid X2 release date and price

Acer announced a lot of new products at its launch event last week and hasn't been very detailed about when some of them will arrive or how much they'll cost. We know the Liquid X2 will launch in the US next month but it's not been confirmed for the UK yet.

If it does we expect it to undercut the big names like the Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9iPhone 6 and LG G4 on price. Perhaps offering the Liquid X2 for around the £400 to attract buyers who are on a budget but want decent specs – see below.

Acer Liquid X2 specs

We were eager to get our hands on the Liquid X2 at the launch event but it was unfortunately stuck inside a glass box. Even so, the device looks a lot more premium than we're used to seeing from a firm like Acer.

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With a glass front and rear and square shape, the Liquid X2 is reminiscent of a Sony Xperia Z3. Acer has really upped its game here and we're impressed. The Liquid X2 will be available in various colours including white, blue, red and brown.

Acer hasn't announced the full specifications of the Liquid X2 but we know it will come with a 64-bit octa-core processor, a 5.5in screen and a 13Mp camera with an f/1.8 aperture front and back. This is sounding similar to the LG G4.

Acer Liquid X2 Quick Touch Flip case

Stand-out features includes an impressively large 4000mAh battery and tri-SIM support so you can put up to three different SIM cards inside – that's great news for travellers.

What Acer did announce was that it will be launched with a Quick Touch flip case (name to be finalised). As you can see, this has a long and slim vertical window cut into the front and can be used to show you information and interact with in various way. This includes showing you the time, battery level and notifications.