Mobile operator 02 has refreshed its handset line-up with a new XDA known as the Stellar. In a first for the XDA product line, the Stellar is a 3G handset with a Qwerty keyboard and GPS satellite navigation.

Satellite navigation software is provided in the guise of CoPilot 7, while business functions are handled by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.0. As well as the option of staying in touch using Microsoft Outlook, there are two push email options on the 02 XDA Stellar: BlackBerry Connect email and Good Mobile Solutions.

Wireless LAN provides the connectivity, while multimedia features take the form of a 3Mp camera, expandable memory up to 32GB the ability to make and receive video calls. As with other XDA handsets, the quad-band phone has a slide-out keyboard that is otherwise hidden by the portrait screen that dominates the Stellar’s front. Basic navigation between onboard features is performed using a navipad at the bottom.

Aimed at the business set wanting a sleek handset with advanced contact management features, the O2 XDA Stellar has a built-in PIM (a personal information manager that offers a calendar, contacts list and appointment scheduler), as well as a business card reader.

The Stellar goes onsale today via 02's online shop or through 02 Business and Corporate Sales.

O2 XDA Stellar business phone

The 02 XDA Stellar comes with CoPilot Live 7 navigation software, Wi-Fi and push email