Sony has announced a number of new Vaio laptops, including the first model to sport an Apple Thunderbolt connection (termed by Sony a LightPeak port). The 13.3in-screen Sony Vaio Z laptop is an ultraportable Windows 7 laptop that weighs just under 1.2kg and is 17mm thick. It has a 1,600x900-pixel screen and uses a 256GB SSD for storage, rather than a more traditional hard disk drive. This helps keep weight to a minimum.

A Power Media Dock docking station that will be launched as an optional accessory for the Vaio Z adds a number of extra ports but, more interestingly, includes its own graphics card. This turns the Sony Vaio Z from a run of the mill ultraportable with integrated graphics into an entertainment machine. The dock, which also adds HDMI and DVI connections for up to three screens, is similar in concept to the Toshiba Dynadock U we first saw at CES two years ago.

The Sony Vaio Z series laptop will have a base price of £2,000 and will go onsale in the UK at the end of July.