Sony has unveiled the Vaio T13 and T11, the firm's first Ultrabook branded laptops.

Intel created the Ultrabook brand to define a category of ultraportable laptops, which Sony has been making for years but the T-series is the first time Sony has embraces the Ultrabook name. We don't have a price for you yet but the Vaio T13 and T11 Ultrabooks will go on sale in June.

The Vaio T13 Ultrabook comes with a 13-inch LED display housed in an aluminium and magnesium shell. The T11 has a slightly smaller screen at 11.6-inch. Sony said it will have the 'latest-generation Ultra Low Voltage Intel Core processors' but the specification sheet lists a Core i3-2367M - Sandy Bridge not Ivy Bridge.

We've spoken to Sony about the processor situation to discover that the Core i3 is the entry level model and there will also be Core i5 and Core i7 versions. However, Sony has been unable to confirm whether these are third-generation Ivy Bridge processors or not. We can assume, based on the June launch date, that they will be.

Sony said: "Thin, light and portable, the responsive new VAIO T Series is always ready for action. Smartly styled in tough magnesium and aluminium, the go-anywhere VAIO T Series is tailor-made to handle daily trips to the office or lecture theatre."

"Blending durability and performance, and loaded with the latest technologies from Sony and Intel, it’s the first Ultrabook to proudly carry the VAIO name."

Sony Vaio T13 Ultrabook

Solid state drive (SSD) storage is an option with an optional hybrid SSD and hard drive configuration.  Connectivity includes HDMI, VGA, USB 3.0 and Ethernet ports, as well as an SD card reader.

Sony touts a battery life of up to nine hours for models wielding an SSD. For the security conscious the Vaio T13 comes with a 90-day trial of Intel's Anti-Theft Service to protect personal data from unauthorised usage.