Panasonic has announced a number of additions to its ToughBook range of durable notebooks. The CF-W7, CF-T7 and CF-Y7 are all designed to withstand being accidentally dropped or having liquid spilt on them.

Hardier than the shockproof-from-30cm claim of the two existing consumer-focused ToughBook W5 models, the Panasonic CF-W7 and its stablemates can all be dropped from a height of 76cm or 30 inches. So if you’re charging one from the mains and accidentally trip over the cable, sending your ToughBook crashing to the ground, no harm should come to it or its hard disk’s contents.

Panasonic is packing an 80GB hard drive into the new ToughBook line-up, improving on the 60GB capacity of its current models. They are also a little lighter: the CF-W7 weighs 1.38kg; the CF-W7 weighs 1.28kg and the CF-Y7 a very trim 1.55kg.

Aimed particularly at business users and anyone who routinely needs to take a laptop with them on the road, the Panasonic ToughBooks will be able to withstand a 200ml glass of water being flung over them. Even pressure won’t get to them as Panasonic gives an assurance that they will continue to work with the 12.1in XGA screen intact even after 100kg of pressure has been exerted on them.

As you’d expect, the new Panasonic line up boasts Intel Core 2 Duo processors (rather than the Centrinos of yore). Speeds range from 1.06GHz for the CF-T7 and CF-W7 to a 1.6GHx Intel Core 2 Duo L7500 in the Y7 model.

HSDPA is available as an optional extra to those who need faster connectivity than the 802.11a, b and g Wi-Fi provides.

The Panasonic ToughBook CF-W7 will cost £1,280 ex VAT; the CF-T7 will cost £1,330 ex VAT and the CF-Y7 will cost £1,410 ex VAT. All are set to go on sale across Europe in November.

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