NU DCK001 netbook docking station Netbooks have really caught the imagination, but for all their low cost and light weight convenience, they have their limitations. Chief among these is the lack of an optical drive on which to play DVDs or to install programs.

NU has come up with a practical answer: a netbook docking station that fits devices with screens from 8in to 11in. As well as the usual fan to keep the laptop cool and running optimally, the NU DCK001 Docking Station has its own 8-speed DVD writer and a selection of ports.

Not only does the £64 laptop accessory host additional USB ports and a USB host controller, but it has a hard disk enclosure ready to take a second hard drive, boosting the limited storage options on some netbooks.

The NU Netbook Docking Station comes white or black and is sold through online retailers such as and

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NU DCK001 netbook docking station


An optical drive built in to the NU Netbook Docking Station allows it to be used for playing CDs and DVDs


NU DCK001 netbook docking station

The hard disk enclosure on the stand's right can be fitted with a hard drive to boost netbook storage or act as a backup drive