Dell has started selling the Alienware M11x gaming laptop that it unveiled at CES last month.

The 11.6in-screen laptop runs Windows 7 Ultimate and is powered by a 1.3GHz Intel dual-core processor, a 1GB nVidia GeForce GT335M graphics card and 8GB of RAM. Available in a choice of cosmic black or lunar shadow, the Alienware M11x has a 1366x768-pixel display with storage options including a 320GB or 500GB hard disk or a 256GB SSD (solid state drive). Bluetooth is available as an optional add-on.

The standard configuration of the M11x provides Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless LAN and three USB ports along with a HDMI port. It's also possible to buy a version with an embedded 3G SIM for faster mobile web access.

Dell says users can expect around 8.5 hours of life before needing to recharge the battery, though intensive gameplay will no doubt curtail this figure.

The extraordinary performance of the Alienware M11x redefines, in a big way, the capabilities of small form factor laptops," said Arthur Lewis of Dell's gaming group.

Last year, Dell wowed gaming fans with the Alienware M17x - a large-screen gaming laptop that posted the best ever WorldBench performance score for a laptop.

Priced from £749, the Alienware M11x is available now.

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