Asus has officially unveiled the U2E 11in screen ultraportable laptop in the UK.

Already available in the US – click here for our review – the Asus U2E capitalises on a growing interest in extremely lightweight laptops.

The Asus U2E sports a 32GB SSD (solid state disk) flash memory rather than a traditional hard disk. This makes the laptop more robust and able to withstand greater amounts of rough treatment as well as keeping the weight very low. Asus says the U2E weighs just 1.25kg. It has 4GB of DDR RAM and runs Windows Vista Business.

In October last year, Asus launched a low-cost, very lightweight 7in ultraportable Eee PC 701 laptop that quickly sold out despite running the Linux operating system rather than Windows. It has since released a Windows-based version that nevertheless retains the very light weight credentials of its forerunner.

Two years ago, Asus broke the mold with the launch of its S6 ultraportable laptops that also came with 11in screens but still managed to cram in considerable amounts of processing power along with a 100GB hard disk and an optical DVD writer.

Since then, yet lighter, even more compact and portable laptops have come to the fore, often at the expense of either processing power and memory or optical drives. Solid state disks (SSD) are beginning to replace optical drives in the lightest models – a route Asus has chosen for the U2E.

A fingerprint reader controls access to the £1,199 ultraportable, while Bluetooth and 802.11n Wi-Fi are also part of the specification.

Asus U2E 11in ultraportable laptop

Asus U2E 11in ultraportable laptop