US-based online storage service Mozy has launched a UK version of its web-based backup service.

Previously, web users that wanted to make use of Mozy's service had to use the URL and, if using the paid-for service rather than the free version, found they were billed in US dollars.

However, the new UK version of Mozy has a (and in Ireland URL and ensures users of the paid-for services are billed in UK pounds or Euros in Ireland.

Data is also stored by Mozy in Europe, ensuring you are covered by European data privacy laws, as oposed to those that govern the US. US data privacy and retention laws differ from those in Europe.

To access the Mozy UK Online Backup service customers simply sign up for an account at the website and download the software to their PC.

The software scans the hard drive and selects the folders it thinks should be backed-up. The files and folders that are backed up can be refined to suit the individual's needs.

Mozy will automatically back up the selected files at intervals chosen by the user. You can even tell the software to back-up only when the machine is idle. The software, which is compatible with both PCs and Macs, allows users to either let Mozy generate an encryption key, or create their own personal encryption key.

Should you need to access the files you have backed, you can either use the Mozy software on your PC. Alternatively, you can access the files you have backed up using any machine with an internet connection.

Mozy also allows you to access previous versions of a file you have backed up, which is ideal if you edit an image or document and save the changes but at a later date decide you want to revert back to the previous version.

MozyHome costs £4.99 per month per machine for unlimited online storage space while businesses can use MozyPro that offers unlimited multi-user online back up for £3.99 per computer per month plus 50p per GB of space used.

Mozy also offers a free version that comes with 2GB of online storage space.


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