Internet radios continue to be popular and we're pleased to see that they are also beginning to get a little more stylish.

The iBlik WiFi comes in a smart black case and works with both wireless and wired networks - all you need is a broadband connection and you can enjoy news and entertainment from around the world. Helpfuly, there's a remote control with which you can set station presets and scroll through listings by location, genre and broadcast language.

If it all gets too much and you find some of the online ramblings you stumble across rather too weird, there's an FM tuner so you can quickly switch back and enjoy more familiar musings from the likes of Wogan and Moyles.

An iPod dock and alarm clock are also part of the package. The iBlik WiFi package contains seven different adapters so you can slot in any type of iPod.

Those who prefer crystal clear output can stump up a bit more for the £149 DAB/DAB+ iBlik WiFi Radiostation model.

The iBlik WiFi costs £129 from

iBlik Wi-Fi internet radio and iPod dock