United Internet has announced the full UK launch of its GMX web-based email client. Launched as a beta in January, the final UK version of GMX is now available.

GMX.co.uk is a free online webmail client with a 5GB inbox and a separate 1GB online archive for backing up photos, videos and other important documents. The acronym stands for 'global mail exchange'.

Its creators believe there is room in the market for a strong alternative to Microsoft's Hotmail and Google's Gmail. They reason that consumers want a no-nonsense webmail service that is every bit as fully-featured as their work email account and that doesn't demand that they dump their existing email account in order to start using it.

Because of this, the GMX service comes with a Mail Collector that automatically retrieves emails and contact information from up to 10 nominated email accounts you own and ports messages to the GMX inbox. You can continue to send and receive email as if you were still using your previous email account and contact email information appears to have been sent from that account.

United Internet promises that GMX is a "no spam, no nonsense but high performance" webmail service that is "very much features-led and offers serious functionality". Features such as Facebook integration are on their way, while its main developer, a former Lycos engineer, has big plans to make it into a complete and compelling tool for organising your life online.

United Internet – owners of 1&1 Internet and FastHosts – made serious in-roads in to the German market when it launched GMX over there last year. Now, it hopes to replicate this success in the UK and give leading web-based email services such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail a run for their money.

GMX free webmail service

GMX free webmail service