At a time when more people are becoming conscious about conserving power Bye Bye Standby has developed a new energy saving product, Bye Bye Standby Online.

The web-based system allows you to control and monitor power to electrical devices from a remote location at the touch of a button. This new type of interactive energy management means you can monitor devices such as lights, consoles, televisions, cameras, motion detectors and many other devices via the internet or via your mobile phone.

All you need is a broadband connection and then the small controller box plugs directly into your router to wirelessly operate any appliances plugged into the Smart Sockets. You can add as many devices as you like to the system for complete control over the energy conservation in your home.

Independent research has shown that Bye Bye Standby would save the average UK household £38 per year. It was also found in a survey by the Energy Saving Trust that an average household has up to 12 gadgets left on standby or charging at any one time. As computers, television and hi-fis left on standby are responsible for more than four million tonnes of extra carbon emissions in the UK the system would have a greater impact beyond that of cutting electrical costs.

By creating an account and logging in you can register your computer and run the Add new device wizard to add the Bye Bye Standby Smart Sockets and control your appliances remotely. The kit comprises of a controller, Ethernet cable, power supply and smart sockets.

The freedom to control appliances and turn on lights at set times from any Internet browser allows you to make your home look lived in while you are away. You can also monitor your energy usage and remotely switch off appliances not in use. The system is innovative as you can link actions such as when the lights are turned off the curtains will close.

Repetitive actions can be scheduled such as switching the heating on when returning from work and combining multiple actions such as turning all of the lights of at once. The product claims to be a user-friendly, affordable and fully integrated energy control system for the home or office that enables you to conveniently manage your environment.

Bye Bye Standy is available now from at a price of £49.99.

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