40 best new phones, tablets and more for 2014/2015

About to buy a new phone, tablet or other consumer tech? WAIT. Here we round up the 26 best new consumer tech products still to launch and about which you should be most excited, from phones, tablets and operating systems to games, virtual-reality headsets, smartwatches and smartglasses. 


Best new tech 2015: Windows 10

Why is it exciting? Windows 8 hasn't been a universal success, radically overhauling the UI by stitching together desktop and mobile interfaces. We're hoping Windows 10 will be the Windows 7 upgrade that Windows 8 should have been.

When is it coming? We're expecting to see more details at Microsoft's April BUILD conference, but it won't launch until later in 2015.

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Best new tech 2015: Android M

Why is it exciting? Android Lollipop is finally here, which means only one thing: Android M is in the works. We know very little about Google's next OS, so for now we're having fun guessing what it could be called. Milkshake? Muffin? Marshmallow?

When is it coming? Android M will likely arrive in November 2015 although, as was the case with Lollipop, we may get a sneakl peak at Google I/O in June.

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Best new tech 2015: iOS 9

Why is it exciting? As with Android M, we don't yet know what iOS 9 will bring, but we're betting it's something good.

When is it coming? iOS 9 is expected to appear on the next iPhone in September 2015.

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Best new tech 2015: iPad 7 / iPad Air 3 / new iPad

Why is it exciting? When is an Apple tablet launch not exciting? The brand-new iPad Air 2 has a fantastic Retina screen, a fast Apple A8X processor, incredibly portable dimensions, brilliant build quality, a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and it runs the brand-new iOS 8. iPad Air 3 is going to be huge. But small. Probably much thinner. You know what we mean.

When is it coming? The past four iPad launches have been held roughly a month after Apple's latest iPhone launch, so we expect to see the iPad Air 3 / iPad 7 in October 2015.

Best new tech 2015: iPad mini 4 / new iPad mini / new iPad mini with Retina Display

Why is it exciting? Because it's an iPad, but smaller and even more perfectly formed (is it even possible to be even more perfect than perfect? We reckon Apple's marketing dept would say so). And because it'll run iOS 9, and do neat stuff. 

When is it coming? Same time as the new iPad: probably October.

Best new tech 2015: Microsoft Surface mini

Why is it exciting? A full-spec Windows PC in portable form - what's not to get excited about? If Microsoft can get this right it can once and for all bring together work and play on a single device.

When is it coming? Is it coming? The Surface mini has been on and off more times than we count. The latest rumour was that we'd get a summer release. Well, it's cold out there and there's still no Surface mini. But here's hoping.

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Best new tech 2015: Tesco Hudl 3

Why is it exciting? Last year Tesco launched its Hudl tablet, incredibly well priced at £119 - and you could use your Clubcard points toward it. It was massively appealing to consumers: 35,000 Hudls were sold to consumers in just two days, and Tesco has now sold around half a million. This year the Hudl 2 improved on what was already a very good tablet, and you can expect it to be found in stockings all over the country this Christmas. The Hudl 2 is already the best-ever value tablet, so we can't wait to see what Tesco has in store for next year.

When is it coming? Our guess is September 2015.

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