Worlds Adrift is a community-crafted MMO that brings thousands of players together in a ship-building-focused world, and is currently in development by UK studio Bossa Studios. Though it’s in development right now, those that pay to become a ‘Founder’ can jump in and play the game’s closed beta right now.

Here’s all we know about Worlds Adrift, from release date rumours to platform availability, gameplay and the latest game updates.

What is Worlds Adrift?

What do you do in Worlds Adrift? You explore a persistent world filled with floating islands and, of course, other online players, with the aim of finding resources and upgrades to build your own ‘sky ship’. The scale of the game is incredible; there’s a single server for all players in Western Europe, and yet player interaction is still pretty rare. Granted it’s in closed beta, but it still has a decent player base.

What else is impressive is that every single island in the game has been created by the Worlds Adrift community, using the free Island Creator tool. It allows gamers to design and preview islands before being able to submit them and, if they’re good enough, be featured in new biomes.

As mentioned, the aim of the game is to design and build your own sky ship using resources you find on the various islands dotted around the Worlds Adrift universe. You won’t just find general wood and metal though; you’ve got various materials (Oak, Pine, Elm, Iron, Silver, Gold and Titanium to name a few) that all come with strengths and weaknesses that will have an effect on your ship and how it performs.

And yes, when we say you’ll design your ship, we mean design. You’re provided with basic pre-set shapes, but the general design of your ship is completely up to you. You can tweak the frame using in-game 3D modelling software before using resources to craft it. From there, you’ll craft the various utilities you need (wings, engines, an Atlas Core and more) and be able to leave the island you started on.

The aim of the game is to build up your ship to travel between various weather walls that separate the Worlds Adrift universe. There are currently four types of biome in WA, each with a tier ranking that is connected to the level of blueprints that you’ll find, and how complex the islands on offer will be.

The Wilderness is where you’ll start off, before travelling through a Wind Wall to The Expanse. From there, you’ll have to fight your way through more powerful Storm Walls to get to the Remnants before gearing up for the final challenge, the Sand Wall, that leads to The Badlands. There are multiple of each tier available in WA, so don’t worry, there’s a lot to explore.

Oh, and we almost completely forgot to mention the inclusion of a grappling hook. As well as letting you live out your Spider-Man-esque dreams as you explore these islands, it’s an incredibly useful tool that can grant you access to hard-to-reach places, or save you from falling to your death when you misjudge that jump.

When will Worlds Adrift be released?

So, when will Worlds Adrift be released around the world? Despite still being in the closed beta phase of its development, you can play the game right now if you pay to become a ‘Founder’ of the game.

Becoming a founder will grant access to the closed beta along with a handful of cosmetics, although we’re unsure if the pricing is more or less than what it’ll be at launch – you can pick up the cheapest Founders pack for £26.99 at the time of writing.

For those that can wait a bit longer, Bossa Studios announced at London Games Festival 2018 that Worlds Adrift is set to come to Steam Early Access on 17 May 2018. The Early Access game will be cheaper to buy than the Founders pack that's available right now, but won't get you the same bonuses (exclusive cosmetics, in-game currency once store launches, etc).

If you're okay with that, you'll be able to pick up Worlds Adrift from Steam for £19.49/$24.99 once it's available in May 2018.

Considering the fact that the game is still in beta form, we can’t imagine that we’ll see a full release of the completed game in 2018. We imagine that the finished product could be released in 2019, or possibly even 2020 depending on how quickly the Bossa team gets through the recently published Worlds Adrift Road Map.

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Which platforms can I play it on?

While this probably isn’t a surprise for most, Worlds Adrift in its closed beta form is available for those on Windows PC with no love for consoles just yet. While there are no public plans to bring the game to PS4 or Xbox One, we can’t help but notice how well the design and gameplay would translate to console with controller support.

Hey, we can hope, right?  

Worlds Adrift latest updates

Here, we list some of the most recent Worlds Adrift game patches and how they influence the game. This could be bug fixes, new features or graphical tweaks, depending on the focus of the update.

Version aka the climbing update

The latest patch,, has been dubbed the climbing update by the devs. Why? As you might’ve guessed, this patch focuses on the climbing mechanic – more specifically, making it work as intended. Worlds Adrift players will already know about the problematic climbing mechanics that’ll often result in your death due to glitches, and it’s something that Bossa wanted to address.

The issue mainly presented itself when players tried to climb complex structures comprised of different shapes and elements. The old system would get confused and would sometimes glitch the player into the structure, causing instant death with no way to access the loot bag upon your (frustrated) return. Thankfully, the overhauled system works perfectly with Unity 5.6 and the developers claim that climbing should never kill you anymore.

There’s also a handful of smaller changes, like the fact that you’ll no longer need to type /crew before every message to your crew in the chat window. It’ll automatically be remembered next time, and if you want to speak to local players instead, you need only type /say to change the channel.

Eagle-eyed gamers should also notice a bump in graphical performance thanks to a rebuild of the atmospherics rendering pipeline. Wave goodbye to those framerate drops when flying your Sky Ship between islands!

There’s much more to this update – in fact, there’s way too much to mention here. To get the full details on the latest Worlds Adrift update, take a look at the patch notes here.