Are you longing for retro games that left a mark in your childhood? Here is some good news. Microsoft announced a massive collection of epochal Rare games during at E3 2015. You might have missed the E3 Xbox briefing so here is what you need to know about Rare Replay release date, price, trailer and more.

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Rare Replay UK release date rumours: When is Rare Replay coming out?

Happy birthday to Rare Gamer.

After 30 years of acclaimed adventures and unforgettable races, Rare developers decided to celebrate these achievements on 4 August 2015 with the release of Rare Replay, a colossal collection of 30 iconic Rare games.

Rare Replay UK price: How much will Rare Replay cost?

Are you anxious to fulfil nostalgic yearnings? You can pre-order Rare Replay at Amazon for £17.86, with the pre-order price guarantee.

Rare Replay gameplay

Rare Replay, 30 acclaimed games that left a trace in the history of video games, will be soon available in a unique Collection.

You will be able to take on chimerical adventures in the 2005 Kameo: Elements of Power or shoot at crowds of aliens in the 1983 Jetpack.

Rare Replay will be accessible with Xbox One. 10,000 game scores will be available for you to be grabbed.

However score hunters should contain their enthusiasm.

Your existing scores on Rare games already available on Xbox 360 will become part of your overall game score in Rare Replay, so you won’t be able to re-earn them.

However Rare creators give you new bonus to unlock, renewed visual, backstage content, undisclosed tunes and interviews, all in a single unprecedented collection.

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What are the challenges faced to create Rare Replay?

It took one year of challenges and commitment, before Rare Replay was ready to be released.

This because Rare Replay will be available on Xbox One, bringing together on a single disk 30 classics from 6 different platforms.

From 1983 to 2008, from 2D NES games to Xbox 360 ones, over 700 hours of gameplay are waiting for you.

Rare Replay trailer

Watch the full trailer presented at the E3 2015 below

Rare Replay screenshots