Kids tablets are great but they don't encourages children to get off the sofa and get active. That's why Leapfrog came up with the Leap TV. It's a games console designed for kids between 3 and 8 years old, and comes with a camera and motion controller to keep them on their feet.

It takes around 10 minutes to set up the Leap TV, including selecting your Wi-Fi network and creating a Leapfrog account from a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Almost everything you need is in the box, including an HDMI cable to it to your TV. You don't get batteries for the controller though.

You create individual profiles for your kids which tailors the challenges they'll be given in the games. The console has no web browser, so it's perfectly safe to use. Launching soon is an online store where you can buy more games, but you can also buy cartridges which cost £25 each.

Leapfrog Leap TV review: games

One game is included: Pet Play World. This should provide hours of fun - our testers loved it.

Each player can create multiple pets, choose their colour and name and then play with them, feed them, wash them and give them toys. There are various sub games which involve reading and maths skills.

Depending on what they're doing in the game, they can use three different ways to control it. The controller can be used in classic mode, but it also converts to a pointer. The third way is 'full body motion' which works just like the Xbox Kinect and kids can see themselves on the TV.

When the controller is used as a pointer, the end lights up and the child can move it around to select menu items, or make things happen. The wrist strap stops them accidentally throwing the controller at your TV or someone else.

Younger kids might struggle to use the controller in classic mode and need constant supervision.

It doesn't matter if your child can't read as written instructions are also spoken aloud. Another great element is badges which players earn for achieving various things, and they can check on their badge collection to see what's left to unlock.

Leap TV review: verdict

At the recommended price of £120, the Leap TV is a bit expensive, but you can find it on Amazon for a lot less. Cartridge games are expensive, though, especially compared to smartphone or tablet apps.

If your children are already at the top end of the age range the Leap TV might have limited interest for them, but if they're younger, they should enjoy years of fun from it.