Freeplay ZipCharge rapid chargerCharging gadgets can be a full-time job, depending on how many of the blighters you have. Smartphone, MP3 player or iPod, laptop, digital camera and Flip camcorder - all need to be charged up and ready for use when the moment arises.

If you're close to home, it's not too tricky to find a suitable power supply, but if you have only intermittent access to the mains, you want something to provide a near-instant zap of energy - enough to keep your gadgets going between internet café stop-offs, for example.

The Freeplay ZipCharge is just this sort of charger. Its main selling point is that it can provide hours of power from just a minute's charge. Given a 10-minute of opportunity, the ZipCharge power stick can charge a mobile phone enough to last for 10 hours or chat. The same amount of charging will result in 20 hours of musical enjoyment on an iPod, says gadget maker Freeplay.

The 140g charger is just 12cm long and uses either AC mains power or USB to power devices. It comes with adapters for eight types of device and costs £49.95 from

Freeplay ZipCharge rapid charger

Freeplay ZipCharge rapid charger

A digital camera can be fully charged in just 15 minutes using the Freeplay ZipCharge

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