Square Enix announced at Gamescom 2017 that Final Fantasy 15 is coming to Windows for the ‘ultimate quality’. Now it has revealed that there’s something at the opposite end of the spectrum: a Pocket Edition of the game that will run on your iPhone or Android device.

Following the announcement in 2017, the game is now available to buy on iOS and Android. Here's everything we know, from release date to gameplay details and the announcement trailer. 

When was the Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition release date?

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition was released on 9 February 2018 on iOS and Android, and is now available to download completely free across both platforms - go ahead and download the game on the App Store or Google Play.

As mentioned, the price is free. Well, kind of. While the game itself is free, you only get access to one of 10 chapters of the game. If you like what you see after the first chapter, you can unlock them on a per-chapter basis or pay (£19.99 in total) to unlock everything at once.

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Gameplay: Is this just the FF15 story on a 5in screen?

Not according to Square Enix, which said that it’s “an all-new adventure that retells the beloved story of Final Fantasy XV”.

The graphics have been changed to a more cutesy style of artwork – it seems that opinions are already divided on whether it’s good or not. We think it's charming, and after playing the first chapter of the game, we're really excited about what this may mean for the future of mobile gaming. Will Pocket Editions of AAA games become a regular occurrence?

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Obviously, the control mechanism has had to be adapted so it works on a touch screen, but the actual mechanics have been carried across from the console version. You can attack monsters with multiple weapons, warp between points for tactical advantage and drive the beloved Regalia across the kingdom. 

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Regardless of whether you’ve already played the original game, you can now road trip across Eos on your commute. What's not to like?

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

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